The Daily.

The Daily is where you will find funny anecdotes and special moments from our daily lives. I have always kept these precious notes in my personal diary for moments of reflection. I strongly encourage all my new mummy friends to do the same. This makes a wonderful keepsake to treasure as time really does fly and our babies do not stay little for long!

3rd July 2019

Having already agreed to giving Bubbins a chocolate brioche for snack, I was a bit miffed with myself when I then read in his communication book that he’d had one at snack time. So I questioned him…

Me: “Bubbins have you had a brioche already today?”

Bubbins: “No Mummy”

Me: “Are you sure poppet?” “I read that you’ve had one already at snack time”

Bubbins: “No Mummy, I haven’t!”

Realising he may not get what he wanted, panic set in as began to seal the packet…

Bubbins: “No Mummy, I want another one!”

Me/Bubbins: “Oh!”

Bubbins realised what he’d said and sheepishly giggled.

I was so proud of his use of language I obviously gave in!

#easytarget #heknowshowtoliealready!

3rd July 2019

Whilst tucking him into bed Bubba said “I wish I could have a different life”, slightly offended and perplexed I asked him what he meant, his reply…”a life without histamines”


1st May 2019

Bubbins made a hungry caterpillar from various foods at nursery but refused to eat it for lunch.

Bubbins: “I can’t eat it until it turns into a butterfly Mummy because I don’t like celery or tomato.”

Wave my magic wand overnight…

Bubbins: “Mummy look, the caterpillar turned into a butterfly, I can eat it now as I like raisins and rice cakes!”



27th April 2019

Walking out of the post-operative appointment with Bubbins’ surgeon (who had sliced and diced his mouth and throat)…

Bubbins: “I’m surprised he didn’t hurt my foot Mummy!”

Me: “WHAT?!” 😳 “Why would he hurt your foot?”

Bubbins: “Oh, I don’t know. Nevermind.”

Daddy (whispers): “The cannula!”

Mummy and Daddy 😳😳

#weknewitwouldfreakhimout #thankgoodnessforthepremed

18th July 2018

Bubba asked me if we used slates to write with when I was at school.

“I’m not that old!” I replied “The teachers did use blackboards and chalk though!”

One equally impressed and bamboozled child.



25th June 2018

On the way back from school Bubba said “I can’t believe I’ll soon be in year two!”

“I know!” I said, “Nor can I!”

Bubba then replied “Time really does fly!”🀣

When did he turn into me?!


21st June 2018

The eldest came home from school and said he knew the ‘F’ word. “It’s Focky bottom mummy”

When asked how he knew, he said he’d guessed. He then said he knew the ‘A’ word, idiot. The ‘H’ word, shut up. The ‘C’ word… hang on a minute….you can imagine my horror…..”stinky stunks”.

Clearly he got lucky with the close similarity of focky bottom to the real thing and the rest was all clearly made up and misunderstood.


21st May 2018

Bubba: “Mummy I had the best dream last night. I dreamt I was a real life pokemon trainer. It was so amazing!!

Me: 😳 “Lovely poppet!”


18th May 2018

At his cousins party, I thought I’d introduce Bubba to some of the children, seeing as he didn’t know anyone. I was abruptly told “Leave me alone Mummy” as he stormed away.

I was later informed it was because I was embarrassing him in front of everyone.

#attitude #embarrassingparent 😳

15th May 2018

At 2 years and 10 months old, he has finally allowed 6 pieces of sweetcorn and 1 pea to not only enter his mouth but to be chewed and swallowed!!!!


……Though I’m guessing this is Bubbin’s lifetime supply done.


8th May 2018

Bubbins told me he ‘loved me more‘ for the first time! Well, he actually said “I ove ooo more an ooo!” but I got the drift 😍


3rd May 2018

Bubba was in tears after some choice behaviour and a telling off.

Bubbins initially laughed thinking it was a joke. Then he asked his brother “why you crying?” To which there was no reply, only more tears.

Bubbins then remarked “uh, he’s miserable!!

Clearly me calling Bubbins miserable for the last couple of months whilst he has been ‘under the weather’ has rubbed off. Whoops!

25th April 2018

Post bedtime ‘mummy story’ feedback to daddy….

Bubba said “Mummy, you are not doing the full stops”

Daddy’s response “Were you rushing it to have wine?”



19th April 2018

On the way home from school Bubba asks…

“Mummy, if you had a race with Sam and you were wearing a sports bra, who would win?!”

(I’m wondering if I’ve used the lack of sports bra excuse too often!)


16th April 2018

Bubba returned to school after the Easter holidays. Whilst driving with Bubbins, listening to his music, the lyrics, “when your feeling sad do you sigh?” played. He said “that’s like me”.

I asked him was he sad, he said “yes”.

When I asked him why and deciphered his reply, it turns out he was sad because his brother was at school.



14th April 2018

Only Bubba could demand the paddling pool out at the slightest hint of summer!

We haven’t obliged!


6th April 2018

Two hours into our car journey the boys requested their lunch.

Bubba, our 6 year old, promptly refused the ham sandwich offering, with a sour looking face, on the verge of tears.

Daddy, in his wisdom, responded by offering crocodile as an alternative.

Bubbins, our 2 year old, having eaten one square of sandwich by this point, then refused the rest, demanding crocodile instead.

Tears ensued!



29th March 2018

“Mummy, why is it called Good Friday, when it was the day that Jesus died?”

He has a good point! Cue frantic googling!

Turns out the ‘good’ refers to ‘holy’.


24th March 2018

Bubba swam on his back with no float for about 5 metres until he began to sink.

I sat looking gobsmacked at the side of the pool (this is serious progress!) before nearly leaping in fully clothed to ‘rescue’ him, despite the instructor being right beside him.



18th March 2018

“Have you had a good birthday Bubba?”

“It’s been superb. Even more brilliant than excellent!”


14th March 2018

Today marks the day when Bubbins exerts his independence.

We now need to incorporate an extra 30 minutes into bath time and exercise our patience as we watch him struggle to undress.


8th March 2018

Congratulating Bubbins on doing so well eating tea. I said “You’ve had a lovely tea haven’t you?”

His reply was “Yes, I love you mummy”

My heart officially melted at this affectionate show of praise.

(I don’t think he’d love me so much if he realised how many vegetables I’d hidden in it!)



7th March 2018

Playing with his army figures that he got for Christmas, Bubba notices they say made in China on the bottom.

“Made in China!” He exclaimed. “They can’t have been. Santa made them for me in the North Pole!”

Child #1 too smart for his own good.


24th Feb 2018

“Mummy, I love you so much”

“I love you more darling”

“I love you beyond the milkyway, it’s 200 miles outside of the universe, it’s further than you could ever love me”

Fast forward an hour or so, I relay the conversation back to hubby,

“Oh that’s interesting, he told me he loved me the most earlier”

Child #1 hedging his bets perhaps!