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Things are ‘SEND’ to try us!…

(For all Special Educational Needs and Disabilities families) You needn't scroll far nowadays to draw comparison with others, often from ever far reaching social circles to one's own. From work and relationships, to picture perfect homes with 2.4 children (although 3 seems to trend in our village; note to self, avoid drinking the water). Whatever… Continue reading Things are ‘SEND’ to try us!…

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Toilet Training drove me Potty!

Whether you refer to it as potty training, toilet training, or anything else, it’s mind boggling for our little people and us adults it would seem! The internet is full of advice - web searches, blog posts, online groups. In all honesty I thought I didn’t require support, initially shunning the resources, wondering what all the fuss was about, we’d done it once before! My latest blog reveals how wrong I was, along with my top tips for ‘How (not) to Potty Train’!

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Dark days of reflux.

For those that have never experienced silent reflux, terming them the 'dark days' will likely be perceived as melodramatic, verging on the ridiculous. I cannot however, think of a better way to describe it. The definition of the word 'silent' is simply not synonymous with the condition, quite the contrary in fact! Somewhat ironically associated… Continue reading Dark days of reflux.