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Toilet Training drove me Potty!

Whether you refer to it as potty training, toilet training, or anything else, it’s mind boggling for our little people and us adults it would seem! The internet is full of advice - web searches, blog posts, online groups. In all honesty I thought I didn’t require support, initially shunning the resources, wondering what all the fuss was about, we’d done it once before! My latest blog reveals how wrong I was, along with my top tips for ‘How (not) to Potty Train’!

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One in seven hundred

My latest blog is a slight departure from my usual mumblings. The 5th-13th May is Cleft Lip and Palate Association awareness week. CLAPA, as it is known, is a charity close to our hearts and so I thought what better way to use my blog than to share our experience with my readers and hopefully… Continue reading One in seven hundred

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The Great British Staycation!

Back in January, you may recall, there was a day the travel agents named 'Blue Monday'. A clever marketing ploy to remind us how much we all desperately need a holiday. Adverts showing sparkling blue shores with golden sands were distinctly unavoidable. I tried to pay as little attention to these as I could, in… Continue reading The Great British Staycation!